Enterprise Level Digital Marketing Agency Service Provision.
We Plan, Create And Optimize Social Media Marketing Campaigns And Loyalty Programs..
Marketing Activities Include
Facebook, Tumblr, WordPress & Twitter Posting.
Email Marketing.
Customer Loyalty Programs.
Viral, Social Marketing Contests,
Promotions And Polls.
Facebook Advertising.


Use Our Digital Marketing Agency Campaigns In Your Business To Generate Revenues
The combination of our many incremental Social Media Marketing activities some of which are listed below serve to generate compounded growth over time.

Ongoing Online Promotions & Advertising

Campaigns include Social Promotions, Facebook Advertising, Social posting and
Email Marketing all done for your business.

12 Month Automatic Loyalty Program

Reward customers for sending business your way, and surprise them with birthday greetings and incentives, all automatic, created and executed by our staff.

Social Conversion And Moderation.

We devise and create and schedule posts to your social channels based upon relevant ongoing activities in your market sector.

Marketing Activity Results Forecasting.

We make use of market intelligence based upon ongoing social media activity in order to estimate your results before you invest in media.
These Particular Social Media & Digital Marketing CampaignstHave Been Designed To Work With A Wide Range Of Walk In Retail Type Businesses
Such Auto Dealers, Florists, Restaurants, Women’s Clothing, Sports Bars, Gyms & More …
Our Business Digital Marketing Agency Program Comes With A Vast Array of Powerful Features!
We provide solutions for specific industries and business profiles we know we can help. We provide annual Social Media Marketing and loyalty programs which we manage for our clients.

Customer Loyalty Programs
Capid Houser’s Digital Marketing Agency Program delivers loyalty points to your company’s customers for engaging with the business’s Facebook page & promotions.

When users reach a certain amount of points they are included in monthly loyalty newsletters created and deployed by us for you.

Out system also tracks users’ birthdays and creates and sends special birthday greetings that include a gift from you.

Ongoing Reporting And Analytics
You will receive a daily summary report of your activities to your inbox, activity access the analytics section and review, simple to understand stats by marketing activities and time periods.

We provide a holistic approach to a sales funnel, using different traffic drivers to reach potential customers, convert them to leads, nurture leads to sales and retain customers.

We lean on technology but at the same time provide professional account managers to make sure our clients never stop marketing and growing.


Customer Relationship Management
Our Marketing Program provides your business with a light Customer Relationship Management system.

All leads are retrieved to your CUSTOMERS section, where we track their behavior on your behalf, interaction with your business and marketing effort.

We track how many loyalty points your clients earned and send them personalized messages.

Digital Sales And Marketing Campaigns Done For You.
You’ll get new fans, leads and customers, letting us do the Marketing for you!

Get a 12 month program with 50 marketing activities!

Marketing is not a one time advertising event but an ongoing never ending process, our marketing campaigns pull from a wide variety of strategies in order to develop that which is effective for your business.

Loyalty program & customer retention activities

Developing these types of activities means that your clients end up carrying our part of the marketing function of your business for you. Our online marketing campaigns develops this marketing channel.

Using Facebook As A Basis For Online Advertising & Marketing

Whilst some businesses will have a large database to work with, others will need to engage in paid advertising to bring prospects into the marketing funnel.

Social Contests, Promotions, Instore Sweepstakes & polls

We develop viral campaigns generating new fans and referring your business page to friends of friends. In store promotions transfer physical clients online typically via their mobile phones.
Digital Marketing For Business Designed To Give Results.
Capid Houser’s Digital Marketing Agency Campaigns can be developed to service a wide range of business ranging from different market sectors some of which are demonstrated below.
Digital Marketing Strategies for Gyms

Social Media marketing already plays an important part in the way that gyms acquire and retain members, using Capid Houser’s marketing campaigns will add fuel to your marketing efforts.
Watch & Jewelry Online Campaigns

When the value of one sale can result in many 1000s of $s or £s of profit, it pays to develop ongoing marketing engagement activities with those looking for watches, bracelets, rings or related merchandise.
beauty salon digital marketing

The potential for building a beauty business using strategic digital marketing is huge, consistent engagement with clients in order to build loyalty and gain new business through referrals is the key.
Digital Marketing For Coffee Shops & Restaurants

It is crucial that a restaurant, diner or coffee shop maintain an ongoing online presence in order to communicate with current diners, attract new customers, and build loyalty among patrons.


We Develop A Full 12 Months Marketing Program Designed To Engage With Future & Existing Clients
The Development And Execution Of Marketing Strategies Are Not One time Events, It Is Imperative To Fully Engage with Clients On An Ongoing Basis For Maximum Effect.

After market analysis, we will devise your digital marketing campaign for a full year.

The campaigns are developed around specific milestones such as public holidays and special events.

We will share with you your yearly marketing program; whilst working together we will be able to review and customize any of the tens of marketing activities created for you by our staff.

We will be able to add in any other specific activity that may coincide with your company’s plans.

Contact Capid Houser To Begin Your Digital Marketing Business Consultation

We are so confident that you will absolutely get outstanding results using Capid Houser’s digital marketing agency program, no questions asked, we take all the risk so you don’t have to… so contact us today !!!

It Is Time To Put Capid Houser’s Social Media Marketing Strategies To Work In Your Business Starting Today
We Start By Going Through A Painless Phone Consultation Which Will Provide Clarity In Terms Of Your Online Marketing Strategy – This Has a Present Day Value Of Some £499.
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Why are we different from any other marketing service provider ?

We provide solutions for specific industries and business profiles we know we can help. We don’t work with any business.

Do We Have To Update Our Social Media Accounts ?

After the initial consultation and campaign approval, there is not much for you to do as we perform all activities on your behalf.

We provide a 12-month marketing and loyalty program which we manage for our clients including social postings, email marketing, loyalty programs and more.

How Are You Able To Develop Such Effective Campaigns ?

We utilize robust Digital Marketing Agency technology to provide more and better services for a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

Our use of technology allows us to run thousands of campaigns simultaneously, analyzing and optimizing more campaigns for our customers in one week then our competitors can do in 50 years.

Tell us About Your Marketing Strategy Development Process ?

We provide a holistic approach to a sales and marketing funnel. We use different traffic drivers to reach potential customers and as a consequence convert them to leads.

Our Social Media Marketing process nurtures those leads turning them to sales and we retain and keep current customers.

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